miércoles, 23 de julio de 2008

Pest Control Management

Pest control is essential to food service sanitation: flies, insects and rodents contaminate foods whenever they come in contact with it. A system should be in place for routine checks by an outside pest control company. Pest control companies can develop what is called an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) system which uses a combination of chemical and nonchemical controls to eliminate pests and reduce the use of pesticides. This, in conjunction with a well-used cleaning schedule and timely trash removal, will greatly diminish the opportunity for problems to develop. Pest control should be initiated early because prevention is much more effective than extermination in keeping pests out of buildings. When establishingthe IPM one has to bear in mind that there are three elements in the process.
To set up a process of Pest Control Management, it is required to consider the following elements:
Education/Training (Communication)
It provides the necessary outreach and training to ensure that the staff has an understanding of the basic concepts of the IPM program and the role each one plays.
Control Measures
1.Non-Pesticidal Control: It incorporates all pest control procedures that prevent pest problems.
2.Pesticidal Control – Utilizes the judicious use of pesticides.
3. Program Evaluation/Quality Assurance (Prevention) - Pest control programs will be reviewed periodically to determine effectiveness and to identify aspects requiring modifications.
Eliminate/Reduce (Risk of pests)
It´s a team effort (Management, contractors, tenants, custodians and other employees), divided into:
1. Monitoring and Action Thresholds – Checking for pests, damage or other evidence of infestation, which will enable selection of the most appropriate pest control procedures
2. Safety – Incorporation of various pest control techniques to minimize the impact on occupants and other nontarget organisms. For example, when the hotel has an outside restaurant, they have to combine both IPMs (the garden's and the restaurant's) in order to integrate the whole system.
3. Recordkeeping and Reporting – It provides essential information in determining the effectiveness of pest control procedures.